Work from my class with Brian Pilkington

I want to make a few posts showing some illustrations and artwork of mine. I’ll put out a few at a time in different posts, maybe with different themes. Then later I want to set up a separate gallery on the site.

Last year I had the honor of studying under the wonderful Brian Pilkington for a few weeks, where he showed us the techniques he uses for his Troll illustrations. Then we made some original portraits using the same technique, which amounts to wetting and stretching watercolor paper and then applying a light watercolor wash.

After sketching the portrait on a separate piece of paper he would use wax paper to transfer the drawing over to the stretched sheet. Then we’d use gouache for the backgrounds and watercolor for the portraits themselves, along with gouache for highlights. Here are the results of that class:

These are all based on sketches from life, except the last one, which is from my most hellish nightmare.

I had a lot of fun trying out his techniques, and I definitely learned a lot. I’m still not very comfortable with gouache and watercolor though, watercolor especially requires you to relinquish your need for control to some degree and I’ve had a hard time with that… Oh well, some day.

Hope you liked this post, I’m gonna be sharing a lot more in the near future. At first I want to share my older stuff and later on more recent work.

Until then, much love.

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