A few model drawings in charcoal

Here’s another post with some art of mine, this time some recent model drawings. All of these were done in willow charcoals with a live model. I love model drawing, though it’s also incredibly demanding. Nothing has improved my ability to draw as much as drawing a live human body.

I’ve also recently started being mindfully concentrated while I’m drawing, instead of listening to podcasts or audio books like I usually did, and I think I’ve noticed a difference in my progress. Music is a bit different, as it can really help you get into a groove, and podcasts and such are fine when finishing off a drawing or illustration or working on patterns and textures, repetetive stuff, but model drawing demands all your attention. I get the most out of my model drawing practice when I apply myself fully to the task at hand. Focused concentration.

Without further ado:

Click on the images to enlarge them. The above are all longer poses, from 5-40 minutes each. The next batch are one or two minutes each.

I love sharing this stuff, it inspires me to get better and better and keep practicing. Maybe at some point I’ll write some posts about my thoughts on drawing in general, and illustration, because art is (or at least, it can be) an very mindful undertaking. It’s a way of working with our senses in ways we may not be accustomed to, like learning to see things as they actually appear to our eyes rather than relying on concepts in our mind, or feeling the touch and smell of charcoal in our hands.

This is all interesting stuff that I’d love to write about. I have all the time in the world and I’m putting out more and more stuff with every passing day. I want to take it slow, take it mindfully. All things are fulfilling when we’re aware.

Much love until next time.

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