So many people are caught in the web of modern medicine. The pharma-industrial complex has burrowed itself deep into our collective subconscious, and it doesn’t want to let go. Freedom will never come to us from an external source, it needs to happen on an individual level.

It may not come as a surprise to you if you’ve read my other articles or watched my videos, but the modern, allopathic, symptom-based approach to health is not serving us! There may be people in the medical industry who truly want to do good, who truly want to help humanity live healthier, happier lives, but it doesn’t really matter when the model within which they work is corrupt.

I have no hopes for “reforming” or “tweaking” the pharmaceutical industry, or “re-educating” our doctors and nutritionists. No, to me the entire business of health is broken and beyond repair. Perhaps the idea of an overarching industry of medicine is flawed in itself. I say this because I’ve come to the conclusion that, in fact, true healing can only be achieved individually. If a person is sick, healing is a matter of prayer, fasting, and a simple diet. Not some pill or radiation treatment or blood-letting (or whatever these doctors are up to these days).

This has always been the case. However, I also believe there have been, throughout the ages, truly successful and powerful healers. These healers were not doctors in the modern sense, rather they were guides, perhaps more like priests or shamans. They didn’t necessarily give the patient medicine or treat them, rather they would point out the areas of health that were lacking in their lives and show the person what needed to be done to remedy it.

These healers were catalysts for shifting paradigms. If you’re sick, if you’re not living a life of thriving and vibrancy, I would venture a guess that a certain change in thought-patterns is required. A shift in the way you approach your health, your body, your mind. It’s not always so much what we do (though that is certainly of supreme importance), but rather how we think that makes all the difference.

I spent many years dealing with chronic illness. I went through a condition called Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW), also known as Red Skin Syndrome (RSS), which isn’t really an illness per se, but is actually a result of overuse or misuse of a widely prescribed medication called corticosteroids. I also had all kinds of other autoimmune issues, such as eczema, allergies, traces of arthritis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and so on.

I should say that generally I’m not a fan of labelling illness in this way, but I do it in an attempt to reach others in need, as this is the prevailing language of disease these days. The reason I don’t like to label symptoms in this way is simply because as soon as you start to develop a holistic, integrated model of healing, the labels lose there significance completely, because you start to see that they all stem from the same roots. You’re either healthy, or you’re sick. There is no “I’m generally healthy, but I have cancer”, or “my only health issue is arthritis”.

No, no, no. All of these things, cancer included, are simply the outermost signs of deeper illness. That’s why radiation therapy and chemo are such ridiculous treatment methods. In a very limited percentage of cases, these treatments actually manage to remove the symptoms. Whoopee! But the root cause is still there, and on top of that, your immune system has been destroyed by the radiation and chemicals.

In modern medical science, a person is considered “cured” after undergoing chemotherapy if the original cancer doesn’t reappear within five years. No regard for quality of life, or vitality, or spirit. I ask you, does that sound like health to you?

Let’s stop talking about the garbage that is modern medicine, and start focusing on something that’s a thousand times more useful, an actual paradigm of healing that will take you to a state of vitality that you never dreamed was possible for you. Oh yeah, and it’s totally free, and it requires no doctor or medication.

I’m talking about fasting and a simple diet.

This is the ultimate way to heal yourself. I’ve gone into this in various videos and articles, but I’ve realised that the more often this simple truth is repeated, the better.

The steps to this process are simple:

Step 1: Stop eating for a period of time, from 24 hours up to ten days and beyond.

Step 2: Break the fast with a ridiculously simple meal. I mean a couple different foods at most. Try Greek Yogurt and some grapes, for example.

Step 3: Repeat until healed

It needs no complication, and it certainly doesn’t require some stuck-up lab-coated know-it-all to tell you what pills to take when. This system only requires that you make the decision to take full responsibility for your own healing journey, and that you develop the discipline to see it through.

I hope you find the health we all deserve.

If you want to delve further into these matters, might I suggest that you check out my book (cha-ching!) Health, Simplified, available through Amazon here. It’s a nice and concise tome on my own healing journey, the insights I’ve gained, and the incredible transformation that’s possible through taking full responsibility of your own health.

You can also check out the other videos on my YouTube channel, where I go deep into various aspects of health.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this story, means a lot for those suffering from TSW. It’s people like you that make a difference for those of use looking for answers rather than western medicine that just continue to mask the symptoms.

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