I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how much my mental health has improved in the last few years. It may be obvious that during my period of intense illness I was an absolute mess mentally, but I had in fact been dealing with depression and anxiety since I was a child. Whatever the root causes may have been, I’ve seen a lot of improvements in the last couple years.

I attribute those improvements in large part to my healing journey, because as my body became healthier, stronger, and more vibrant, my mind started becoming inspired and hopeful once more. But it’s more than that. It’s not just that my body has become healthier, it’s that fasting itself is mind-expanding. It allows me to see my problems clearly with laser focus. It allows me to calm down and look at everything with a fresh perspective. Finally, it allows me to see my life through the eyes of the divine.

All of these things compound to allow me to find the areas of my life that need to be improved if I want to become the man I aspire to be.

The fact is, mental health is hugely influenced by diet, nutrition, and digestive health. There are many different aspects to it, but things like gut flora, adequate amounts of nutrients, inflammation due to food intolerances, all of these things have a vast impact on your mind, and if your digestion is out of whack, you’ll more than likely suffer from depression, brain fog, attention deficiency, and just a general sense of hopelessness and melancholy.

However, when you regain your digestive health through fasting and a simple diet, not only will your physical symptoms of illness wither away, but your mind will become way more robust as well. Even things like OCD and negative thought patterns I had have improved so much that I can hardly believe it.

I’ve started to think that a lot of the supposed distinctions between mind and body may be a myth. After all, our brains are a part of our body, obviously, although that doesn’t necessarily mean that our minds are a part of our brain. That’s a whole different rabbit hole though, so we’ll leave that for another day. Suffice to say, I’ve begun to view our brains more as an antenna that receives consciousness rather than the machine that creates it, as it’s usually seen.

There’s something more going on than meets the eye, that’s for sure. For anyone who’s had any kind of psychedelic experience (think mushrooms, near-death-experience, a long fast, spending a long time alone in nature, deep meditation), it becomes wholly obvious that we, as human beings, are certainly not who we think we are. We’re something far greater, full of limitless potential, and we have a purpose for existing. What that purpose may be I’m not fully clear on, but it has something to do with the actualization of the individual.

That’s the conclusion that I’m slowly but surely circling in on, that in fact, the way to prosperity for humanity as a whole lies in the development of each and every one of us. Therefor the most powerful, most valuable thing any one person can do lies not in charity or altruism, but rather to make the most of themselves and their lives. To live up to their own potential. To be the change you want to see, and to live the values you believe in.

That means taking responsibility for yourself and your circumstances, and the most vital step in that direction is taking full responsibility for your health, mental and physical. The way to do that is to cut out all the bullshit, for starters. Shed any ideologies that may have attached themselves to your mind, remove the mental clutter of all the different drugs, health gurus, doctors, pharma companies, and mainstream health dogma, and start to tap into the massive potential for healing that resides within your own body.

Inside of you there lies dormant a blueprint for healing, along with a system of mechanisms that knows no equal. By giving yourself the time and space needed, your body will heal itself, mind included.

This is the deep cover-up that we‘ve been decieved by. This is the bamboozlement that I‘m constantly talking about. We‘ve been fooled into thinking that health is something to be sought externally, through the next miracle drug, or the next medical treatment, or fad diet, or nutritional supplement, or whatever. In fact, everything required for becoming a thriving, vital, healthy human being is right here, now.

Direct your attention inwards, because that‘s where there‘s treasure to be found.

Learn to trust your intuition, your body, to do what it does best. If you do, I‘m certain that you‘ll finally get to understand what it means to be truly healthy.

As always, may you find the health you seek.

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