Porn is ruining your mind and your life.

I believe pornography today will be viewed by future generations in the same way that we view tobacco today. They’ll think “Wow, it was so obviously harmful to individual and societal health, how did it take so long for them to see it?”

In the 40s and 50s, doctors were all for smoking a pack a day. It was good for you, you see. Cleared the lungs, calmed the nerves. Now these same doctors are all for jerking off to high speed internet porn. It’s good for you, you see. It clears the prostate, calms the nerves.

These people are idiots at best, maniacs at worst. You don’t have to look very far to see the incredibly detrimental effects of porn use, especially the high-speed internet variety of today. In fact, the scientific research was hardly necessary, as anecdotal evidence of the erectile dysfunction, intimacy problems, weird kinks and fetishes and escalating sexual tastes, brain fog, lethargy, fatigue, laziness, has been piling up for decades.

But not to worry, because our all-mighty positivist medical establishment assures us that if it hasn’t been researched and publicized, it doesn’t exist. If it does exist, it’s only curable with drugs or invasive surgery, don’t you know?

I’ve written previously about the problem with porn, and I want to dive deeper into that problem, on an individual basis. Although the societal detriment and harm to performers in pornography are incredibly prevalent, I believe the solution to this problem lies in individual responsibility. Change for the better never comes from above unless the pressure from individuals becomes to strong. The state is not your friend, rather it is your slave master, and it could care less about your health and wellbeing, so long as you keep paying their extortion fees. But that’s another matter altogether.

As with health in general, sexual and emotional health must be tackled on an individual basis. It will do you no good to point and sputter at the porn industry, politicians, or doctors, no matter how much they may deserve it. We need to take responsibility for the predicament we’re in, and start by doing all we can do individually to stop these behavioural and thought patterns that are ruinous to our health and prosperity.

For me, that’s meant doing deep, deep inner work. Educating myself on sexuality, understanding gender dynamics, learning the ugly truth about the disgusting practices behind those dirty websites. Putting everything in perspective by developing understanding of the myriad different ways excessive and extreme sexual stimulation affects human beings. Believe it or not, porn is hugely detrimental to physical health, as well as mental and emotional health. It is also certain to block any connection you have or are seeking to have with the divine in nature and yourself.

There are many ills in society today. The population of westernized societies is destroying itself through dietary abominations, overstimulation, severed connections with nature, and empty pleasures. I would say that one of the absolute most important steps for healing, on an individual level and societally, would be to take full charge of our sexualities and our sexual energy.

This vastly powerful force, the creative spark within all human beings, is also the chain by which we are tethered to consumerist ideals and pseudo-fascist ideologies. Through advertising and media, as well as through the cultural life-program set out for us, sex is at the forefront. The promise of sex, the anticipation of sex, if only you buy this perfume, or wear this watch, or earn this degree, or take out a mortgage on this house. It’s all by design, and it’s an agenda that’s developed by people with a vastly superior understanding of the power of sex than most of us have. Sex sells, as the saying goes. Freud supposedly said that everything in the world revolves around sex, except for sex itself. Sex is about power.

Your sexual energy can be harnessed to build, to create, to actualize yourself, and develop your mind, body and spirit into the superhuman entity we all have the potential to become. It can also be used to enslave you, and I’m sorry to say that that is the state most of us find ourselves in.

We must endeavor to break the chains that are wrung tight around our sexuality. We must free ourselves sexually. That doesn’t mean “sexual liberation” or promiscuity. It means affording our sexual energy the respect and reverence that it demands and deserves. That’s the first step. The second step is the conservation and development of said energy.

Finally, we want to learn to transmute this energy by directing our thoughts away from lust and towards our ultimate goals in life. Sharing this energy with people we love, who share our ideals, and who are also conscious of the importance of true sexual health, is a worthy goal in and of itself, but I believe it shouldn’t be the main focus in this regard.

This is deep work. This is a form of inner development that will pay huge dividends, and its benefits will seep into every area of life. After regaining your health through fasting and a simple diet, this is the next step towards self-actualization and enlightenment, in my humble opinion.

It should be said that personal responsibility is what will allow us to take on this leviathan task. A mindset of victimhood and woe-is-me will only take you backwards, will only crush your spirit and dissolve your progress. Personal responsibility is the key to prosperity, achievement, and health.

Napoleon Hill said: Love and faith are psychic; related to the spiritual side of man. Sex is purely biological, and related only to the physical. The mixing, or blending, of these three emotions has the effect of opening a direct line of communication between the finite, thinking mind of man, and Infinite Intelligence.

Lust isn‘t the same as sexual energy. The true creative, life-giving spark that we‘re seeking is physical, raw sexual urges mixed with love and faith, which create a new force, so powerful that it becomes nigh unstoppable. This is the energy that will take us from where we are now to where we want to be. This is the energy that we can use to defend our mind and spirit from those who would do us harm to make a few bucks.

I truly hope that you take this to heart and develop an understanding of this principle, because it will make or break you.

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