Ever since I was a kid, I had allergies to all kinds of things. Pollen, cats, dogs, houseflies, dust. I also had something wrong with my digestion, and at various points in my life I thought I had gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance, intolerance to various fruit, etc.

Although people generally don’t make much of a fuss over allergies and food intolerances in general, they’re not only incredibly annoying and even infuriating, but they’re actually guideposts, crying out that everything is not okay with your physical health.

You see, allergies are simply the result of an inflamed immune and digestive system. Nobody is “born” with allergies, because even so-called congenital allergies are a result of the mother’s own sick digestive and immune systems before and during pregnancy. It’s a myth propagated by the pharmaceutical industry in order to sell you drugs that mask symptoms and corrode your health even more.

When I finally decided to take full responsibility for my health in the summer of 2019, I began fasting in earnest and simplified my diet to an almost absurd degree. The main health problem I was trying to solve was my skin issues, as my entire body was covered in painful, red, itchy, dry rashes and sores, and had been for over four years. While taking these steps did in fact fully cure me of these issues, I was amazed to note that my allergies had disappeared.

And I don’t mean that they got slightly better, or that they went into remission. No, I’m saying that after having been unable to breath due to hay fever for at least fifteen years, I was fully cured of all my allergies. Now, I should point out that this didn’t happen immediately. The summer of 2019 got me started with a fasting-focused lifestyle, and although I saw massive healing in all areas of my life during that period, it was the year that followed that allowed me to fully heal.

After the summer of 2019 I got into a strong habit of eating one meal a day and doing regular 48 hour fasts, along with a few longer fasts in between. Having finally gotten an understanding of how physical health works, and to what degree it depends on digestive health, I was fully confident that I would slowly but surely heal anything that was troubling me.

Sure enough, as I write this in June 2021, I am still fully allergy free, all of my food intolerances have withered away, I haven’t had a rash or itchy sore for two years, and I haven’t taken a single pharmaceutical drug since 2015. I am at a pinnacle of health that I never imagined to be possible for me. After all, the absolutely useless doctors I consulted throughout the years had nothing to say to me except that I was just unlucky, that there was nothing I could do, that I was just born this way and drugs were the only thing that could help me.

Now, I will never tire of pointing out, in fact screaming out at the top of my lungs, that modern medicine is not your friend! The modern pharmaceutical and medical-industrial complex are based upon a predatory, anti-human business model, and are not to be trusted in the slightest. “Consult your physician” is the worst possible advice anybody could ever give you.

Make it your goal to get off all, and I mean all pharmaceutical, allopathic drugs, whether they’re prescribed for allergies, cancer, depression, or any other symptom of a failing immune system. Mainstream doctors and pharmacists are parasites, and their livelihood depends upon your continued bad health. Obviously be sensible about it, don’t stop powerful drugs abruptly, as there can be various side effects and withdrawals that you want to mitigate.

Take responsibility for your own health, because that’s the only way you will be able to heal. Whatever is “wrong” with you, it can be vastly improved and often healed completely through fasting and a simple diet. Reaching your own personal zenith of good health is a worthy and powerful goal, and it’s the first step in creating the life you want.

A healthy body breeds a healthy mind, and a healthy mind breeds value, love and creativity. Don’t let the pushers of the medical-industrial complex influence you any more, because they either don’t have a clue about health, or they’re actively trying to harm you. Either way, they can go to hell.

May you find the health you deserve.

If you want to delve further into these matters, might I suggest that you check out my book (cha-ching!) Health, Simplified, available through Amazon here. It’s a nice and concise tome on my own healing journey, the insights I’ve gained, and the incredible transformation that’s possible through taking full responsibility of your own health.

You can also check out the other videos on my YouTube channel, where I go deep into various aspects of health.

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