The whole world revolves around sex. Except sex, sex revolves around power. According to Freud, at least. I happen to agree.

Sexual desire is man’s most powerful and transformative energy, likewise it is the aspect of man that is most vulnerable to manipulation. The dominator culture we inhabit (assuming you were born, grew up, and live in a modern nation state) knows this very well, better than most, in fact. Sex is used on all levels of society for control and domination. It’s utilized for financial gain through advertising, for social and moral manipulation through media such as television and cinema, and for sowing mistrust, hate, and confusion between genders through pornography.

Whether there’s some cabal of reptilian moon-gardeners with a sinister agenda for universal control, or nation-states naturally evolve into pseudo-fascist entities without any need for conscious direction is outside the realm of my understanding. I can only work with what I’ve learned and experienced directly. I cannot adequately put into words how much harm the sexual confusion all around me in modern culture has affected my thought processes, but I’ll try anyway.

Sex is and should be a beautiful thing. As with other beautiful things, it can be disfigured and deformed into something abhorrent and disgusting, and this is what has been happening in the times we’re living. The incessant pressure of hooking up and the constant bombardment of sexual imagery. The free and unhindered access to the most depraved, violent, sexist, racist pornography the human race has ever conceived. Getting your hands on pornographic material used to take a lot of effort way back when, while these days we’re practically beating porn off with a stick. It takes a lot of effort to not be exposed to pornography. We need to jump through hoops to keep our kids from being “educated” by the porn industry. The situation is disgusting and ridiculous.

To my mind, what we’re seeing here is an extension of the dominator culture’s societal control mechanism. The erotic arm, so to speak. I don’t believe there are any coincidences when it comes to social and cultural evolution. The proliferation of pornography and the destruction of healthy sexuality is, I believe, a conscious effort to subdue and control the populace. Who or what is behind it, I don’t know. It hardly matters much anyway, as I see that the responsibility for climbing out of the pit our culture has pushed us into lies squarely on the shoulders of the individual.

To break away from this conditioning is no small task. It requires vigilance and diligence. It can be done, however. It is possible to live free from the endless meddling and tyranny of the state and the consumerist machine. There are a few requirements that must be secured.

First, we must decide, no matter what, to take full responsibility for our own minds, our thoughts, emotions, and by extension, our words and deeds. This is not to say that whatever situation you find yourself in is necessarily your own fault. Fault and responsibility, although the words are often used interchangeably, are not the same thing. You can take responsibility for another’s fault, if you so choose. Often doing so would not be a sensible choice, but in this case it’s the best choice you can possibly make. Although dominator culture strives to make us stupid, weak, and depraved for reasons of its own, we can accept responsibility for our situation without taking on the fault of the perpetrator. Thus can we actually change said situation to the better. It is, in fact, the only way to change the circumstances we find ourselves in.

The individual is sovereign, not the state, not the consumerist machine. We, you and I, are kings and queens of our own lives. The only thing stopping us from putting this sovereignty into action is our conditioning, our thought-processes. With the masterful help of the dominator culture, we have convinced ourselves that we’re nothing. Nobody. That our thoughts and actions matter not, that our destinies are arbitrary and to be decided and directed by the state.

As a rule, the average citizen of the modern nation state is unaware of the true nature of his being and consciousness. Perhaps this is the natural state of humankind, although it’s hard to see why it should be. However, we’re not interested in averages. We’re interested in the exceptional. Every individual, when inner sovereignty is established, is exceptional. Average doesn’t exist. It is a statistical concept that, although useful to a degree, has no bearing on actual human existence. Focus not on the average, but on the incredible, the awesome that is to be found in the mundane, the quotidian.

As consumer ideals and the ideology of instant gratification and reliance on the state tighten their grip on society, some few individuals that make up that culture are breaking free. As the grip tightens, more minds are released, and more freedom is possible to the few who dare to aspire to it.

Under the yoke of digital consumerism, social media, endless electric stimulation in our pockets, in the time of algorithmic manipulation we find ourselves getting sucked further and further into the narrative of victimhood and helplessness. Know that you are not helpless. You are omnipotent and more powerful than you can possibly conceive. Wielding the hammer and chisel to break the consumerist chains around our ankles, we are once again able to stand tall, climb out of the trenches and look out over the poor, wretched souls that make up modern society, bound to the steel rails that are spray-painted gold.

The smartphone, the black mirror, the scrying pool. Look not too long lest ye be sucked in. From the mountain top overlooking this sorry gathering, we look still further, seeing distant blue peaks and endless oceans. The moon and stars, glistening above, prove to us that there is more to all this than meets the eye. We would do well to look to the heavens instead of down on our phones.

Released from the burden of electric super-stimuli, we find that we can float up, soar high above it all, into ever increasing ecstasy and bliss, until all we see are the waves and the starry sky.

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