Society is sick. And I don’t mean society as an entity in itself, though it certainly is rotten to the core in many respects. I’m talking about the individuals that make up society. I would like to say that I’m referring to physical illness here, but to be honest I’ve begun to doubt that there is much of a separation between physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. A large percentage of the peeps around us are really, really unwell. You, dear reader, may even identify yourself as barely surviving, just barely.

This state of affairs is by no means accidental, nor is it a recent development. Without going full nutcase on you here, there is a concerted, continuous agenda for crushing the human spirit. A highly effective means for doing so is to destroy the physical health of the populace through abundant junk values, such as junk food, junk TV, junk sex (as in porn or meat-market dating sites), junk work, etcetera. The main justification for my belief that this is in fact a deliberate policy from who knows where, is that it has been perpetually rationalized, upheld (often violently), and lied about by high ranking politicians and officials, in the face of truck-loads of evidence to the contrary.

However, I’m not here to drive you into conspiracy-laden insanity. I’m here to help you go free. To help you heal, as I managed to heal myself.

I believe that for whatever goals you have in life, for whatever aspirations you may set for your future, sound physical health will be a huge ally in manifesting that life for yourself. I find it important to emphasize at this point the immaculate simplicity behind true health. Less is more when it comes to healing the human body.

If you haven’t acquainted yourself with my story, I highly recommend you do so before moving on. If you want an even more in-depth understanding of where I’m coming from and my philosophy of human health, check out my short book, Health, Simplified.

Health is the foundation of all else, in my humble opinion. So many doors will be closed to you if you suffer from chronic illness, pain, fatigue, or whatever it is that’s holding you back. Have faith that it can be overcome, and I use the word faith very deliberately. It’s not a question of wishful thinking, or of naiveté, but rather of understanding that you’re not alone in this. In this universe there is one, great energy. Whether this energy arises from human consciousness, or whether human consciousness arises from this great energy, is not for me to speculate. Regardless, this energy is powerful, benevolent, and, importantly to our goals, it is highly responsive to those who seek it out.

That’s where faith comes in. If one can develop faith that one can and in the end will heal, that faith will be the driving force that will see you through to the other side.

I’ve mentioned this in earlier posts, but it bears repeating: as I was going through my ten day fast in Sicily, that fateful summer of 2019, I prayed multiple times a day. I prayed, not only from freedom from physical illness, but for freedom from mental weakness, emotional imbalance, and spiritual dullness. Lo and behold, I was received with love and attention from whatever that energy is. I like to call it God for the sake of convenience, but that’s just me.

I cannot put into words what I experienced during that time, but I’ll try anyway. I discovered a touch of the divine within me, which allowed me to understand that the divine is to be found all around. Often it is rough and unformed, but the essence of the divine lies in human potential for spiritual growth and evolution. It lies in the human spirit. You see, each one of us carries within us a massive force that can be directed where we will. It can be used to create great evil, or great good. In the case of physical health, destructive tendencies can wreck your health, as you probably know, but this force can be used to charge oneself with hope and discipline and love, in order to break our dependencies on the poisons that are constantly pushed on us. Things such as sugar and artificial sweeteners, highly processed junk food, like violent and degrading television ,video games and porn, or news sources that inspire fear rather than hope.

Not only must these things be removed at all costs, and replaced with wholesome, real nourishment for body and soul, but we need to go a step further. The void must be embraced. The void, a concept concretized in the practice of fasting, will set you free. Within the void is where we find the aforementioned energy. God rests in the space between thoughts, in the rise and fall of the breath, in the serenity of absolute silence.

And you will find that the health of your physical body cannot by any means be viewed as separate from spirit, once the divine has been recognized. That’s not to say that this earthly incarnation is all there is, but during this manifestation, mind, body, and spirit are one. That must never be forgotten. Physical health is foundational for all else. Take the plunge right now. Stop doing what you know is destroying you, slowly but surely, and fight for your life. Take responsibility for your own health and tell the experts in the lab coats to f*** off. Peace.

If you want to delve further into these matters, might I suggest that you check out my book (cha-ching!) Health, Simplified, available through Amazon here. It’s a concise chronicle of my own healing journey, the insights I’ve gained, and the incredible transformation that’s possible through taking full responsibility of your own health.

You can also check out the videos on my YouTube channel, where I go deep into various aspects of health.

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