Overcoming Topical Steroid Withdrawal Permanently

I’ve been receiving a lot of comments and direct messages from people on through my YouTube channel telling me that they’re experiencing massive healing by following my protocol of fasting and a simple diet. I’m incredibly thankful to be able to help others heal and I’m going to do my best to keep spreading the message.

In this article I’d like to go over the main impediments people experience on the journey to health from TSW, as well as the basic tenets of healing. I myself overcame TSW in a short period of time, after years of battling the terrifying symptoms. At the time this was nothing short of a miracle to me, as I’d been flaky, itchy, oozing, red, and thoroughly depressed for more than four years up until that point. I had all the classic symptoms, along with a soup of autoimmune issues such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, allergies, food intolerance, early stages of some kind of arthritis, blurry eyes, hair loss, and other weird symptoms.

Before I go into the main content of the article, let me just make one thing absolutely clear: I am now FULLY healed. I no longer have ANY of the symptoms mentioned above. In fact, in the three month period after I discovered this method of fasting and a simple diet, I was 95% healed and the final 5% came in the next several months. I wanted to put this out there because I know there’s a lot of hopelessness out there with regards to health, and I’m sorry to say that’s by design. If you want to learn more about the truth behind the preceding statement you can check out my books Health, Simplified and Mind, Reclaimed.

I just want you to know that if you’re going through something similar to what I experienced, you too can heal. In fact, you can flourish! I went from being a sick, useless blob on the couch, depressed out of my mind and slowly losing my grasp on reality, to a healthy, fit, thriving young man through very simple means, and so can you. I’ve seen it in quite a few people who follow my content so far, and I hope to see many more.

So let’s talk about what’s wrong, and what needs to change. So when we talk about TSW, what we’re really talking about is systemic poisoning. We’re talking about a human body that’s so out of balance that even the corticosteroids can’t hide the symptoms any more. This isn’t about “waiting it out” like so many people thing. Health is all about proactivity and discipline.

That’s something I really loathe about many of the TSW support groups out there. I’m sure most people have good intentions, but how is it that so much of the advice centers around sitting around waiting for the next experimental drug? Or just “waiting it out” while bingeing Netflix and gorging on pizza? Sorry, but it’s just insane and idiotic. If that’s your idea of constructive advice then you should just keep your mouth shut.

There is a way out of this mess, and if you’re here reading this article I believe it proves that you’re a sane, rational, intelligent person hell-bent on finding answers. Even though I’ve gone over my own healing story in many previous articles, let me repeat it here briefly, so you can get a picture of what I did to heal myself.

Basically, I was incredibly sick for more than four years. Up until quitting topical steroids in 2015, I had been dealing with allergies, eczema, food intolerance, and depression and anxiety since I was a kid. In May of 2019 I made a huge change in my life when I decided that I would heal myself or die trying, and I did a ten day water fast. After the fast I had improved so much that I decided to go for another long fast as soon as I had gained enough weight back, maybe ten days later. At first I ate only fruit between fasts, but it became clear to me that they were causing my skin to flare up, so I decided to eat only two food items at a time until I had a clear picture of what I could and couldn’t digest. I ended up eating a lot of Greek Yogurt and chicken, and a few other things.

At the end of the summer of 2019 I was almost fully healed, albeit totally emaciated. There were still struggles in my life, I had to figure my finances out, gain back weight, and overcome the trauma that this chronic illness had left me with. But I had my HEALTH back! I was certain that I could face anything after the trials I had been through.

And this is what I want for you, dear reader. If you’re here looking for answers on how to heal yourself from the hell that is Topical Steroid Withdrawal or other autoimmune issues, look no further. You’ve found the solution right here: Fasting and a very simple diet. I would recommend that you take a look at my videos on YouTube and my other articles on the website, and you’ll find what you need to know. Reach out to me directly through the contact form on this website if you want to work one-on-one. For now I’m only happy to help free of charge, in any way I can.

God bless you and may you find the health you deserve.

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  1. Tolli. I can’t find the previous comment to reply to, where I suggested I was unable to purchase your book via amazon. To update you, there is no issue, I was being an idiot and have now purchased it. Can I ask, I’m currently half way through my second attempt at an 8 day fast and wanted to know whether you would drink black coffee whilst fasting? I have had a few during this fast however I have seen they can have a negative impact on your lymphatic system? Many thanks!

    1. Hey Charles, glad to hear there is no problem anymore haha. Regarding coffee, I think honestly that drinking coffee during a fast is not beneficial, it will mess with hormone production and lower electrolyte levels. HOWEVER, you need to make the decision yourself because if you are a daily coffee drinker you will probably have some unpleasant withdrawal effects. It might be a good idea to stop drinking coffee maybe 3 days before your next fast. This will make things easier. I do drink coffee on 24 h fasts but not longer than that.

      Hope that’s helpful, if you have more questions feel free to ask!

      1. Thanks Tolli, during the first fast I didn’t see much progress in the first 30 hours (I had a coffee or two on day 1) from there I abstained from coffee and whether coincidental or not, by 60 hours my skin made incredible progress (just a shame I had nachos and fajitas at 80 hours to break the fast haha ) but I think given the success of abstaining on the last round I’ll do the same again. Online a lot of people suggest it’s ok to drink coffee on a fast but I guess these are general guides for fasting where the objective may be weight loss or other non TSW related purposes.

        When you had TSW can I ask did recall noticing any swelling of the Lympth nodes?

        I am thinking of reintroducing just some raw sauerkraut & boiled potatoes as my first foods and eventually adding salmon and sticking to this for a few days, I know you champion yoghurt but I think I am having issues with even probiotic dairy. Any objections to this?

        1. That sounds like a great idea, I didn’t have access to live sauerkraut when I was doing my long fasts, if I had I would have tries it for sure. Now I make my own regularly and it makes a huge difference for my digestion.

          With the coffee, I think you’ll be fine either way, but just be careful and keep in mind that the best way to understand the healing state is by removal of all food apart from water and salt. I knoe people experience incredible healing from doing juice fasts, drinking coffee or tea during fasts, or even smoothie fasts or monomeals.

          However, to my mind it’s a kind of spectrum, the simpler you make your fast (and remember that the way you break the fast is incredibly important as well), the more intense the healing will be (and so will the detox symptoms).

          I didn’t have trouble with lymphnodes but I’ve heard that it’s quite common. Continued fasting should definitely reduce swelling.

          I’m so happy to hear that you’re seeing progress following these ideas, I’ve been getting more and more messages from people who are finally healing after years of TSW. I love it. I’m certain you’ll be celebrating perfect health sooner than you think 😉


  2. Do you think being in a state of ketosis for awhile will help with the fast so your body can eat its own fat?

  3. Do you think being in a state of ketosis for awhile will help with the fast so your body can eat its own fat? Maybe also we can reach autophagy faster so that we don’t have to do such long and drawn out fasts since autophagy and apoptosis are the goal.

    1. Hey Christina, as I understand it the less energy your body needs to expend on digestion, the more energy it will direct into detoxification processes such as autophagy. Many people have clearly had some health benefits from eating a keto diet, for example, but I think that the healing would be even more pronounced were they to go all the way into fasting. Fasting is a sort of forced ketosis, in that within three days you’ll be in full-blown ketosis during a water fast, something that might take weeks or months on a keto diet, as I understand it. That being said, in my experience just following a low-carb diet for several days before starting the fast makes me feel way less hungry and the detox symptoms less pronounced. So it’s definitely something to try out.

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