Abundance is your birthright

In the upside-down world we live in, weakness is considered a virtue. Poverty is seen as synonymous to goodness, incompetence is rewarded and need is the imperative by which decisions are made.

This is wrong, and this attitude will bring even the most prosperous society to its knees. Not only is it wrong, it is evil. Productivity, creativity, ingenuity, competence, and work ethic are vilified, subtly and overtly, by a self-consuming socialist machine that puts ideology above facts and dogma above truth. The product of such protocols can be seen by reading historic accounts of communist societies throughout the twentieth century. Crushing poverty, unbounded tyranny and the absolute destruction of the human spirit are the results of following this dogma.

Obviously communist societies such as North-Korea, Cuba, and Cambodia are examples of this ideology writ large, but I’m focused on the individual above all else. How does this way of thinking manifest in the context of the individual?

Entitlement, laziness, victim mindset, learned helplessness, lack of valuable life skills, and the list goes on and on. An ideology which neglects the human spirit and our proclivity for creative pursuits is bound to corrupt the soul and destroy the body. You can see this in people around you who whine about the economy, about their bullshit jobs, who complain about the wealthy and who seethe with jealousy over the competent and productive people in society. The people who will spend their time reading gossip and news about the evils of this or that rich entrepreneur while eating crap food and wasting the rest of their energy playing video games, watching porn, and mindlessly surfing the net to “pass the time”. People who don’t give a second thought to their own contributions to the human race, and even more important, who see no need or use in taking responsibility for their own miserable existence. Expecting the government to take care of their every need, and fuming with indignation and gut-wrenching offense when the next “current thing to be offended about” is advertised in the propaganda we call the “news”.

These people are generally fat, work jobs where they don’t need to think too much, probably have a handful of medical diagnoses that provide them with much-needed excuses for why their life has gone down the drain, and spend their free-time either feeding their resentment through various media, or avoid feeling their resentment through various media.

What people like this fail to understand is that abundance is their birthright. God helps those who help themselves, and they will certainly reap what they sow. Ignorance of Universal Law is behind this type of lifestyle. It’s insanity is what it is. The world is abundant and beautiful, and there is no reason anybody should live in lack. That doesn’t mean that you deserve the fruit of another man’s labor. You have an inherent right to work, but you don’t have a right to a job. You have a right to wealth, but you have no right to expect a paycheck without adequately compensating the person who’s paying that paycheck.

The way out of poverty and into a mindset of wealth and abundance lies in taking self-responsibility. There are people who create, and there are people who consume, and then there are the parasites who siphon value and life energy from others without proper compensation. Living life as a parasite destroys you from within. It corrupts your soul which in turn will corrupt your body. The enlightened person makes no demands of others apart from demanding to be left alone to create abundance for himself and the people he loves. The enlightened man or woman do not feel entitled to a slice of another person’s pie, they don’t seethe with envy at another’s success but rather draw inspiration from them.

There is no reason whatsoever, in this beautifully abundant world of ours, that any person should go cold and hungry. Gainful and productive work is at our very fingertips and it’s rewarding beyond measure. We are inherently creative and abundant beings and the Path, apart from spiritual enlightenment, lies in learning to tap into this unceasing abundance that flows all around us.

Spiritual work should not be done cold and hungry in a cave somewhere, except as a sort of fast from the material world. True spiritual work leads us to health, wealth, and wisdom. Asceticism, the practice of denying oneself of that which is good and pleasurable in the world, is old hat. It has its uses temporarily, in the form of fasting and abstinence, but the idea that there is any nobility in poverty and lack is absurd. Wealth is not only measured in money, of course. There are financially poor people who are virtuous and there are financially rich people who are vicious. Virtue, however, leads one to productivity and creativity, while vice leads one to expect something for nothing, to stealing, lying, and self-destruction. The Path, therefor, leads us to the well of knowledge by means of manifestation of the good, the true, and the beautiful in our lives. That is our birthright. Abundance and wealth is our birthright. Poverty and lack are an abomination. Be fruitful and multiply, and prosper on the way.

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