Preparing for a rainy day

Summer is coming to a close, as is this chapter of my weird life.

The last few months have been kind to me, relatively speaking. I’ve enjoyed better health than I’ve had for years, physically, and my mind has stabilized in accordance to that.

I’ve been diligently preparing for the next disaster, so to speak, since I know that the disease I’ve been dealing with tends to come in flares.

I’m sorry to say that the last few weeks have been hard on me. My health has been deteriorating once more, though I hope this flare will be calmer than the ones before it.

The illness has been taking its toll on me physically, mostly, but my mindset is starting to catch up.

I said that I’d been preparing for this next flare, and that’s no joke.

I’ve been working on developing healthful habits in all areas of life, from diet and exercise to meditation and journaling.

Going out for a run every day, developing mindfulness in every day life, eating healthy (though honestly, I haven’t been fully devoted to my diet in the last few weeks), and developing a vision for the future.

Expecting the worst, I was working on building a pillar of virtue to lean against when life gets rough again. The time has come to put it to the test.

Or I may just be overly dramatic. I hope that this is the worst of it, and that my health starts getting better from here. It’s certainly possible.

But my hopes have been shattered multiple times in the past, and besides, being prepared for a rainy day is always sensible.

This post is mostly just an update on what’s going on with me, why I haven’t been posting too much in the last months.

In about a week I’m moving across the country and starting school once more, in carpentry. So things will be quite hectic for me in days and weeks to come.

In no way am I quitting this website though. When things have settled, health-wise and otherwise, I’ll come back stronger than ever, with better content than the world has ever seen! Or somewhere along those lines anyway.

Until then, much love.

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