Health, Simplified – Breaking through modern medical dogma to find true health

Health has been made to seem infuriatingly complicated in modern times. In this concise and thought-provoking book, Tolli Bryn goes into his own experiences with chronic, ostensibly incurable autoimmune disease and the journey he went through to heal himself.

After years of misplaced trust in the medical establishment, he finally managed to break through the dogma of “this pill for this symptom” and find a path that truly serves the human body. Removing the physical symptoms of disease was just the beginning however, because this hero’s journey of healing goes far beyond the physical, into the realms of spirit and the divine.

Through fasting and a simple diet, Tolli was able to reverse Topical Steroid Withdrawal and other autoimmune issues that had plagued him for years and come out on the other side in a state of thriving and well-being. This experience left him very much disillusioned with modern medicine, and in Health, Simplified he explores the dark side of the medical-industrial complex, and proposes a far simpler, more direct approach to health for the modern-day seeker.

Short and to-the-point, Health Simplified goes into the problems with the allopathic model of health proposed by doctors and pharmaceutical companies, and details a time-tested (and free!) alternative.

Fasting is the oldest and most powerful tool for healing that human beings have access to. It requires no money, no pills or surgery, no letters behind your name. Thousands throughout history have fasted themselves to health and sanity. The major religions of the world all mention fasting in one form or another in their scriptures, and figures like the Buddha and Jesus are said to have fasted diligently.

Yet somehow, fasting is kept on the sidelines of the modern health industry, to this day. Despite tons of research backing it, not to mention the truckloads of anecdotes of people who have healed every conceivable illness through fasting and a simple diet. It stands to reason that, since fasting cannot be patented, marketed, and sold for a profit, there is no incentive for a billion-dollar industry to back it. The idea of a population fasting themselves to perfect health may not be too appealing either, as it would almost completely remove the need for pharmaceutical drugs and invasive surgery.

Health, Simplified is the chronicle of one man’s journey from debilitating illness and despair, to the very pinnacle of thriving and vitality. All along the path lie insights, treasures of incomparable value, waiting to be integrated into the lifestyles of those seeking true healing.

Mind, Reclaimed: Understanding the war for your attention

So much noise, so little time. We are constantly being bombarded with attention-grabbing schemes, seductive advertising, and destructive ideologies.

In Tolli Bryn’s Mind, Reclaimed, the focus is on regaining our God-given mental capabilities, which have been scattered and divided by the consumer machine. Attention is the coin of the realm in the information age, yet most of us have little or no control over it. Becoming proficient in mental self-defense is necessary at this stage.

We need to learn how to disconnect from what is pushed upon us, and replace it with a reverence for that which is real. Reality is, in fact, all around us, right here, right now, but there are forces that would have us believe that the “real world” is to be found in their particular product, program, or paradigm.

Consider this book a guide to connecting to who you are meant to be. A companion in a world that takes your compliance for granted. A glimpse into the true power of a sovereign, focused human intellect.